Posted by: Chris | January 10, 2010

Aroldis Chapman Signs $30 Million Dollar Deal

Today, it was announced that Cuban defect Aroldis Chapman has signed a $30 million dollar deal with an unkown team from the National League. Many Reports say it could be the Reds but no one can conferm who it was who signed Chapman. I will be updating this post as more news comes in on the signing.

Chapman, who is projected as a hard throwing left handed pitcher, is probably a few years away from the big leagues, but for all the money teams are offering, he had better not be the next Brien Taylor. I for one hope it wasn’t the Cubs, as they have enough money tied into stupid contracts, and they don’t need to be gambling big bucks on the possibility of a good foreign player. (Kosuke Fukudome anyone?) Especially when the Cubs can pay an already proven major league pitcher considerably less, and still have the same results.

UPDATE* It has been narrowed down to an NL central division team.

UPDATE** It has been confirmed that Aroldis Chapman has signed with the Reds for 5 years and $30 million dollars.

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