Posted by: Chris | December 5, 2011

Congrats Ronnie!

By now this story is old news, but as a die-hard Cubs fan, I feel compelled to write about Ron Santo’s long overdue induction into the Hall of Fame. While Ron’s playing days where a little before my time, his broadcasting days were what got me so excited to listen to a Cubs game while driving home, or sitting outside in the backyard. Although Santo might not have been the greatest broadcaster ever (or the most informed) He was by far the funniest. For those of you who have never heard Santo broadcast a game, it was unreal. He would ramble on for innings about stories he knew nothing about, butcher player’s names worse then Harry Caray, and drive his partner Pat Hughes crazy. It’s all of these elements, along with being one of the biggest Cubs fans in history, that make Ron Santo so special to me. He is as synonymous with the Cubs as the ivy covered walls in the outfield, historic Wrigley Field, or even the dreaded Curse of the Billy Goat. Santo is forever a part of the Chicago Cubs, and a part of baseball history that future generations who were not able to see him play or listen to him speak, need to learn about. By Santo going into the Hall of Fame, his stories will live on.

So congratulations Ronnie, you deserved it. It’s just too bad you aren’t around to see it happen…

“It’s funny when your dead, people start listening.”


  1. Welcome back buddy. Also, congrats to Santo. I loved hearing the highlights of Cubs’ games whether they won or lost, you could hear Santo’s response. Classic.

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