Posted by: Chris | January 9, 2010

The 26 Days Of Nomar, Day 13

We are half way done with the 26 Days of Nomar! Only 13 more to go.

This Nomar bat card comes from 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads and is numbered 25/150. I’m confused, if the brand is Throwback Threads, why is their a bat piece in this card? Anyways, this is probably the nicest Nomar game used in a cubs uniform I got in the lot. I like the look of this card, it may not have the chrome or futuristic design of some of the other Nomar cards I have featured, but this card stacks up nicely compared to them. The design is clean, simple, and has a certain fresh, classic baseball feel to it. The photo is perfect and the bat piece doesn’t detract from the rest of the card. Overall, this one is high up on the list.



  1. Nice card. As a Cubs fan all I can say is “Nomar, we hardly knew ye.”

  2. true that. I firmly believe it was Ronny Cedeno’s fault Nomar wasn’t resigned and I hated him for taking Nomar’s number, and I hated him for never panning out like they expected.

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