For those of you interested in making a trade with me here is what I collect:

Nomar Garciaparra:

Rare inserts, parallels, low numbered cards

Memorabilia cards, autographed cards

1998 Donruss Crusade red version

1997 Fleer ex-2000 any version

1997 Pinnacle certified and totally certified, any version

If you have any Nomar base or inserts that you’d like to trade, send me an email with the name of the set their from, scans or pics are always helpful too

Jeff Samardzija:

If you have any Samardzija cards send me a scan or description, if I need it, I will let you know and we can make a trade. Always trading well in your favor for Samardzija cards!

Autographed cards, memorabilia cards, rookie cards

Dan Haren:

Base, inserts, numbered cards

Autographs, memorabilia, 1/1 cards

Same thing with the Nomar’s, send me a description or scan and If I need it, I will be in touch with you

Manny Ramirez:




Roger Maris:

Base, Inserts, numbered,

Game used


*Vintage Cards* especially vintage! Condition really isn’t that big of a deal with me on these kinds of cards

Marian Hossa:

If you have a Marian Hossa card, I want it. Base, inserts, jerseys, autos etc. I’ll give you a 3 to 1 trade in your favor for Hossa or other Blackhawks base/inserts cards.


Autograph/Memorabilia of Chicago Cubs:

If you have any Cubs players, current or past, let me know. I’m always looking for Cubs cards I don’t have. I’ll trade you cards of your favorite team for Cubs cards, 2 for 1 or more in your favor.

2007 UD SP Legendary Cuts

I’m only interested in the game used relics that spell out the word “cuts” but if you have them, you can expect a nice return for them.

2008 SP Legendary Cuts generations dual relic cards

I am also trying to complete this set of dual relic cards so if you have any, hit me up.

2009 Allen & Ginter Creatures Of Legend Myth and Terror:

I’m trying to finish the mini set so if anyone has any, please let me know, I need them!

If you are interested in making a trade, either leave a comment below or send me an email at Cubsareawesome5@aol.com Check the tab next door to see if their is anything that catches your eye! Everything their is for trade!


  1. i have a 1/1 dan haren sketch card….

  2. Do you collect a certain player or team? otherwise check out my trade tab to see if theres anything you want. ill try to add some more to it tonight. you can email me at cubsareawesome5@aol.com

  3. I have 6 Cubs Game used and 2 09 x-fractors as well. I am looking for Mets and Yankees (Mets first).
    E-mail me and I will give you details and I can send you pics.

  4. I have a 2002 T-206 Alfonso Soriano Bat Card. Does it matter if he is in a Yanks uniform when it is his bat anyway?

  5. Nope not at all, if theyre a current cub or were a cub for along time, i dont care what uni there in. If your interested in trading it let me know. thanks

  6. Definately interested. My want list is at collectablecards.yolasite.com to see what I would want in return.

  7. Chris- I saw the Ryan Howard jersey card you have on your for trade list. Would you do that for the Soriano? If not you can look at the rest of my items on my site, or I can throw in some commons.

  8. Yea I’d do that trade. Do you collect a perticular team too? If so, maybe we can do a swap of commons. I have a bunch of commons I’d be willing to swap for some Cubs commons on your end. Email me here if your interested Cubsareawesome5@aol.com

  9. Interested in a 10 Bowman purple refractor of Starlin Castro (730/999)?

  10. deffinitly. what do you want in return?

  11. I have a large collection of Nomar (1,000 + different and over 4,000 total cards) Mostly base and inserts on the dupes, not the serial number, game used type stuff. Do you have a list of you are looking for? I can help you if you do, and would love to add to my collection too. email me at michael.zeitz@gmail.com

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