Posted by: Chris | December 8, 2011

A (Topps) Tribute to Nomar!

As many of you who follow my blog know, my all time favorite baseball player is Nomar Garciaparra, from his 1997 Rooke of the Year campaign to his jaw jopping trade to the Chicago Cubs (my dream come true) Nomar has always been a great hero of mine and somebody I deffinitely idolize. I try to collect as many Nomar cards as I can afford (they are awfully expensive on the bay) But once Nomar lost his superstar status and faded into washed up utility player hell, his cards became scarce and he was barely included in base sets. It also didn’t help that Nomar and Topps could not agree on a contract, and Topps quit producing Nomar cards after 2006. But that all changed in 2011, thanks to Topps Tribute. for the first time in a long time, Nomar Garciaparra was finally treated like a superstar again. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I really like the design of Topps Tribute. I think its high tech and fancy while still being simple and unique.

As you may have guessed, I was able to pick up one of these Nomar cards from Topps Tribute at a decent price…

This is the green parallel numbered /75 and it is a LOT nicer in person then from the scan. Their are many different variations, so the green version is quite common, but still a very nice card.

Thanks to Topps Tribute paving the way for the return of Nomar Garciaparra cards, Topps Triple Threads has also included him in their product, producing a rainbow of single bat relic cards. I have the red parallel numbered /36 I believe, and it also looks very nice and shiny.

Here’s hoping 2011 is just the beginning, and Nomar Garciaparra will return in full force in 2012 products!


  1. Have you tried to get Nomar TTM yet??

  2. Yea I tried him once, but never got a response, I heard he was 50/50 on TTMs

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