Posted by: Chris | November 28, 2009

The Other Guy: 1968 Nolan Ryan Rookie Card

This is a new series of posts that I’m going to do. It’s called “The Other Guy” and it’s going to feature the lesser known players that were lumped together with a superstar’s rookie card. So, I figured I’d start with the most popular 2-player rookie card around, the 1968 Nolan Ryan and Jerry Koosman rookie card

This card can sell from anywhere between $300-$1500 dollars depending on condition. It is a highly sought after card that many people want becuase it features one of the games greatest pitcher’s, Nolan Ryan, on his true rookie card. But what about the guy next to the great Nolan Ryan? His name is Jerry Koosman and he wasn’t exactly a “scrub.” He played 18 years for 4 different teams and finished his career with 222 wins and 3.36 ERA. He also had 2556 stike outs. Not bad for a guy most people don’t even know is on Nolan Ryan’s rookie card. Ask around and I gaurentee that at least 70% of the people you ask will have no clue who Jerry Koosman is. Or better yet, ask them if they know what his first rookie card looks like.

So, while Nolan Ryan was throwing a no-hitter almost every day and strikeing out people left and right, Jerry Koosman was putting together an incredible career. He was only 444 K’s away from the elite 3000 stike out club, which would have gotten him into the Hall of Fame.


  1. Most Mets fans who collect cards would be able to tell you that Koosman and Ryan share a rookie card.

    Up until the mid-1970s, Koosman was the better pitcher.

  2. Paul, I’ve got some really good cards that have more then one player for these so hopefully these will attract interest.

  3. […] Thurman Munson Rookie Card After getting some positive interest in the last one about the Nolan Ryan rookie card, I have decided to start doing more of these posts titled, “the other guy” where I […]

  4. 444 more strikeouts would not have got Koosman into the hall of fame unless they resulted in 40 or 50 more wins.

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