Posted by: Chris | January 10, 2010

Topps Messed Up, Yet Again

While looking through ebay, I came across what appeared to be a Nomar Garciaparra 1/1 sketch card, according to the seller. However, a closer look on the card shows that there is no name stating who the player in question is. So my first response to this is; how can Topps be so stupid as to leave out the name of the player on the sketch card? I mean, the seller has a once in a lifetime pull for most people, and it’s wasted because there is no name indicating who the sketch is of. After emailing the seller asking how he knew it was Nomar and not someone like say, Blake Dewitt, his response was this: “There is no name on the sketch card, making it very difficult to tell who it is” And that he just guessed it was Nomar. So I am expected to believe that this card could  be a 1/1 Nomar sketch card? Because there is no way of telling, thanks to the brilliant work at Topps Company. Topps really needs to get off their lazy butts and step it up here. Just because they have a monoply on licensed cards doesn’t mean there won’t be compitition. You don’t think Upper Deck, after losing their license, isn’t going to try to prove everyone wrong and come out with some A+ products? Because if I get a big slap-in-the-face like Upper Deck did, the very first thing I would do is say “ok let’s step it up and show MLB they made a huge mistake and make some outstanding cards in years to come.”

Topps, you have really lost a lot of my respect today, how you can have such a beatiful card, that is numbered 1/1 in fact, and have a silly error like not including the name of the player it’s of. This really shows to me that you guys were the ones who should have lost your licenses, not Upper Deck.

Now, the card only has about 5 hours remaining and is under $5 dollars at the moment including shipping, should I take the risk and bid or wait for a real Nomar 1/1? Does anyone know if their is a way to find out if this card is actually of Nomar Garciaparra or not? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

The front of the card

The back of the card


  1. It’s Furcal, man. Gotta be Furcal.

  2. Blame the artist. None of the sketch cards have printed names, and in most cases I can’t tell who’s who unless the artist included a name or shows a uniform number.

  3. Doesn’t look like Nomar to me.

  4. Yea I was thinking it was either Rafeal Furcal or Matt Kemp, but deffinitly didn’t look like Nomar. Thanks alot guys and I have decided to just skip it and wait for a different card.

  5. According to Beckett the following Dodgers have sketch cards for 2009 Topps:

    Orlando Hudson
    Matt Kemp
    Manny Ramirez

    There is no listing for a Furcal or Garciaparra.

    So I figure based on that list the only player it looks remotely like is Matt Kemp.

  6. Yea a couple of things I realized:
    1) Topps has no contract with Nomar to produce Nomar Garciaparra cards since 2006

    2) Nomar’s nose it way bigger then the mystery sketch card guy

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