Posted by: Chris | December 12, 2011

Whose on First For the Cubs?

Ok the Cubs suck. I admit it. 2011 was a huge dissapointment for a team that couldn’t decide if it was rebuilding or competing. (ala Matt Garza trade) So after such a poor season, the Cubs reshaped their entire front office by bringing in Theo Epstein and his dream team of executives to help finally build a contending Cubs team for years to come (right after big foot and the lochness monster get married and aliens touch down in Texas of course)

Ok enough grumbling about the Cubs..The point of this post is to discuss the giant hole at first base in Chicago. Carlos Pena had a good season for us doing exactly what we expected, low average, good on base, high home run totals..but unless he is willing to accept another one year deal, it doesn’t look like Pena will be back. While Epstein has basically decided the Cubs are rebuilding and letting young guys like Castro and top prospect Brett Jackson grow into their positions, we do not have a viable option at first base anywhere in our farm system. Sure 28 year old 4A player Bryan LaHair who got a cup of coffee at the end of last year looked like a solid option, but let’s be honest, he’s the next version of Micah Hoffpauer or Jake Fox. Power potential but no strike zone discipline, once pitchers figure him out he’s done.

Do I suggest the Cubs splurge and go all in on Prince Fielder? Maybe. The irrational Go big or go home Cubs fan inside me says yes, but the sensible smart Cubs fan who believes in Theo Epstein’s ways says maybe not.

What I would like to see the Cubs do is aquire a first base prospect whose current team thinks they might be a bust. Someone like a Chris Davis or Matt Gamel type player. With the Cubs knowing they aren’t going to contend this year, we should give a player like this an oppurtunity to see if they can find a way to put things together with a full season of play. I know this normally is not the Cubs style of doing things, but with a new GM and President things could change.

Now, if Prince Fielder can be had for a decent price and limited number of years, I say go for it. With the Brewers signing Aramis Ramirez and Prince being pretty young still at 27 years old, he is a solid piece to build a team around while providing some thump in our lineup with no more Ramirez and Pena around.

Which ever option Theo and company decide to go with, I hope it works out as I am eager to see results like Theo had in Boston…Believe me, it’s been long enough hear in Chicago…


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