Posted by: Chris | December 2, 2011

The New Number One?

One of my greatest acomplishments since leaving the blog was the huge additions made to my Jeff Samardzija PC. Samardzija is always a guy I try to collect hard, and since there are so many Nomar Garciaparra cards and collectors of him out their, there is no chance for me to be the number one Nomar collector. With Samardzija, that goal is much more realistic, as there are only a handfull of people collecting him, which also makes his cards much more affordable then Nomar’s.

If you recall, I once wrote a post about the previous number one Jeff Samardzija collector. But since that time, he has sold off his entire collection for various reasons; the majority of it sold on ebay. Naturally, I went ahead and bought a great deal of his rare Samardzija cards, and if I had more money and no fear of sleeping on the couch for a week, I would’ve bought all of them. But I am not greedy and was thankful for the cards I did obtain. I will do my best to show off the highlights, but I’d say I purchased about 40 new cards from him, the majority being 1/1’s. Many of them printing plates and uncirculated 1/1’s. But the big catch was this bad boy….



This is my very first (and only) superfractor, and I could not have been happier. The other reason this card is so special to me is it completed my ultimate 2009 Topps Samardzija rainbow, covering all versions of his Series one and Topps Chrome base cards from 2009.


So here is a updated total of my Jeff Samardzija PC stats, quite the improvement from the last time…

Autos: 27/58  46%

Game Used: 2/2  100%

1/1’s: 32/110  29%

Total Cards: 175/296  59%


so with these numbers, and the fact that the previous number one Samardzija collector is no more, I am curious to know, does this make me the number one Jeff Samardzija collector out their? From the few collectors of him that I have met, the answer would be yes, but the world is a big place and I’m sure there are plenty of Samardzija collectors out their I have not met. Only time will tell, but as long as people collect baseball cards, I’ll keep looking for new ones to add to my collection..and as you can tell from the above stats, I am not even close to being done yet.


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