Posted by: Chris | January 13, 2011

A Formal Goodbye

It’s been several months since I’ve written anything on here. I have thought about this blog many times since my last post but never could get around to writing something up. I know I promised to return in the offseason and write about current baseball-related news, but obviously that didn’t work out.

So why did I fall through on my promise? Well the biggest reason was that I had just lost all interest what-so-ever in baseball cards. None of the products that came out interested me at all, and I just didn’t care to buy any singles off ebay or make trades anymore. With no new Samardzija or Nomar cards coming out for almost a year, I just gave up. While I still have a decent portion of my collection left (My player PC’s and my ALL my Cubs cards remain) Everything else is gone and I feel alot better that way. I still like baseball cards, and I wont be getting rid of my PC anytime soon, but I certainly don’t feel that same spark I used to get when I would browse ebay or read people’s blogs, drooling over the cards they had featured.

So with everything going on in my life, I have decided to formally cut ties with the blog I have grown to love. It has been one awesome ride, while meeting many new friends and making many great trades along the way. Without all the support from my readers and fellow bloggers, I wouldn’t own some of the amazing cards that are currently sitting in my collection today. So thanks to everyone out their for making this blog such a fun and exciting success!

and who knows? Maybe I will return to part-time writing in the near future….

But until then, thanks for the memories and keep the hobby alive!

The card that got me hooked on blogging


  1. You will certainly be missed, but those are all great reasons for leaving the blog behind! Good luck to you and hopefully we’ll hear about the next great Samardzija card from you. šŸ™‚

  2. Good luck dude! This was one of the first blogs I came across and read regularly. Thanks and goodbye!

  3. Always enjoyed reading your posts. You will be missed. Best of luck with the job and marriage.

  4. Hey congrats and good luck!

  5. Good luck to you, man. Please keep in touch.

  6. Best of luck in life’s next stages!

  7. Good luck to you. I appreciate the formal goodbye. It’s more preferable than just leaving the blog without saying what’s up or deleting it without warning. Thank you.

  8. Best of luck Chris!

  9. Dang dude! I liked your stuff. Oh well, life goes on. Happy trails brotha.

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