Posted by: Chris | September 29, 2010

I’m Giving Away Free Cards So Please Take Them!

yes, the title of this post is correct. I am getting rid of EVERYTHINg baseball card-wise that isnt part of my player collections or Cubs collection. So please, take them! I am not asking for anything in return, all I ask is that you pay for shipping and they are yours.

I have a ton of cards left all from the years 2003-2010 of all 30 teams. These cards include base, inserts, parallels, relics, autos team sets, everything! And I have no use for them and do not want them anymore. I feel they have become to much of a hassle and I just want  to be rid of it as fast as possible. So weither you want it all (about 3000 cards) or you want me to break them up in groups (the lowest I will go is a small cardboard box, about 500 cards) Please claim something from me! Again all you have to do is pay for the shipping costs, I ask for no cards in return.

These will not be grab bags, I will let you pick specific teams but only on a first come first serve basis. Also, since I dont have 500 cards of certain teams, I will give you everything of that team, and fill up the box with other random cards I have left over. Or you can certainly ask for a random mix and I will surprise you with some nice stuff. The lowest shipping cost for the small boxes I was talking about would be about $7.00 dollars for the 500 card lot, and depending on how many cards you want I will calculate shipping depending on what you want.

I would love it if someone would claim the whole entire lot at once, as this would be the easiest, however shipping may come out to be like $25 dollars (rough estimate could be different amount) but Like I said, I can gladly do smaller lots.

So please, help me out clear some room. I will feel much better about my collection and the hobby once I clear all these unwanted cards out of the way. Thanks guys and if you would like a lot, email works the best but comments are cool too, email me at


  1. I take the whole lot for 25.00 bucks!!

  2. wicked that would be awesome man!! thank you so much, ill send you an email right now thanks man

  3. Have the phillies been picked yet??

  4. nope the phillies are all yours as well

  5. Twins? Do you have any left after our recent trade?

  6. RR- sorry man ment to email you i got your package great stuff thanks! No sorry I dont have many twins left ony a couple dupes from our last trade sorry man

  7. Hey there! My name is chad blades. Me and my son recently started to collect baseball cards together. He is 7 and me and him watch the detroit tigers every time they play. Anyways i have been online searching for baseball cards for free or giveaways since he is constantly buggin me for packs and i simply just dont have the money. I am glad i found your page but it seems i may be to late. I see some others already left posts. But if you have any extras i sure would appreciate it. My son would be extatic! lol. Well if you can help me, i am not greedy just any tigers cards. His favorite player is justin verlander. He wants to be a pitcher just like him. I can send you a self adressed envelope or small box. If you can make my sons day, feel free to email me at

    Thank you

    Chad Blades

  8. Hey, do you still have any Mets stuff? Let me know.

  9. if the red sox havent been taken yet i would like to have them please. and ill take all the red sox cards you have no need to break them up thanks much

  10. I’m assuming that the Orioles have pretty much been claimed…??

  11. chad-email sent
    brooklyn- the mets are already gone, sorry man

    james-red sox are still available so shoot me an email and we can go from their!

    William-Orioles are already reserved for you bud, always will be too

  12. Are there “Natinals” still available?

  13. shue-yes but only a small amount, email me if your still interested:

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