Posted by: Chris | September 21, 2010

Samardzija Continues To Dominate

So I’m sure by now you are all sick and tired of me writing about Jeff Samardzija, but with how good he’s pitched recently, and all the nice cards of his I’ve been getting, I just can’t help it.

Jeff took the mound Sunday against the Florida Marlins, and he showed that his first start was no fluke. Giving up only 2 hits, however they were both home runs, he pitched very well and improved his walk/strike out ratio as well. So all in all, another solid outing by Samardzija as he improves to 2-1 on the season, still undefeated as a starter this season.

Samardzija will make his next start Saturday against the Cardinals, the same team he shut out during his first start. This will be Jeff’s first start at Wrigley Field so good luck to him!



  1. You really seem to like him!
    I also hope he does good.

    Thanks Andrew

  2. yea besides nomar garciaparra hes my favorite player so i am rooting for him hard

  3. It is always nice to have a home grown pitcher, especially one that had the hype and college pedigree of Samardzija, do well. The Cubs might be interesting again next year with all these young pitchers!

  4. Yes, I just hope they find a spot for him in next years rotation, so far they have zambrano, gorzalanny, carlos silva, samardzija, dempster, and randy wells, not to mention there have been rumors the cubs want to add another middle rotation starter so we will have to see what happens

  5. Would you prefer that they got younger and jettisoned some of those other guys (as far as the rotation goes)?

  6. yes, with the way the cubs are set up, the best thing to do is to go younger with the rotation. We dont have a bonified ace right now, and cliff lee isnt a good fit for the cubs so id like to see them go with a rotation filled with in-house guys this year and decide what we need next offseason to complete the rotation, perhaps someone like matt garza or ricky nolasco to compliment something like this for 2011: zambrano, dempster, wells, samardzija, gorzalanny..Either trade silva or move him to the bullpen and save money and dont get free agent pitcher.

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