Posted by: Chris | September 17, 2010

Now This Is A Cool Idea

I was reading A Cardboard Problem earlier today, and they were featuring a sneak peak at the 2011 Topps flagship cards. One thing that I really liked are the inscription autos. Not only are these cards on card autos, but in addition to the normal player signature, Topps had the player write a “happy anniversary” inscription as well. This is a pretty cool idea and I am wondering if all the inscriptions will be the same, or if some players will write different things. I bet you if Manny Ramirez is in this set, he will be writing more then just “happy anniversary”

Overall, the entire 2011 flagship looks to be a very interesting product. I enjoyed 2010’s flagship, but it really didn’t hold my interest for long, and I’m hoping that changes in 2011. You can bet I will obtain at least one of those inscription autographs, maybe I’ll even make some sort of attempt to complete the set, (doubt I’ll get very far, but it gives me something to do.)

What do you guys think of the idea?


  1. I like it. Hopefully they end up being as nice and as cool as they look.

  2. Nice idea, but they will probably be case hits.

    I’m much more interested in the cards I may actually own.

  3. Paul, I didnt think of that, very good point, if they are seeded one per case, then that quickly eliminates any thoughts of me going for the set. however I would still like to own at least one of them!

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