Posted by: Chris | September 16, 2010

The Shark Watch

Jeff Samardzija made his first start of the season a few nights ago against the Cardinals. He was scheduled to pitch saturday against the Marlins, but was pushed up due to Carlos Silva not being available.

Jeff pitched really well, going 5 2/3 innings without giving up a run. He walked 4 and struck out one, but the biggest thing for him was that he used his off-speed pitches in key situations, which is something he has needed to improve on. Overall, it was a good day for Samardzija and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Of course I bought a new card of his, and it just so happens that it arrived at my door the same night he pitched. Sorry for the crappy ebay photo, my lazyness got the better of me again…

It’s a 2008 Bowman Chrome orange refractor numbered 4/25. Oh yea, and its graded a PSA 10, but I haven’t decided it I want to break it out of the case like I’ve done with some of my other Shark cards. As far as the rainbow goes, I now have the base, gold, blue /299,  chrome, chrome refractor, blue chrome refractor /99, and now the orange refractor /25. I’m not sure how many more are left in this rainbow, but I’m guessing just the red and gold chrome refractors are left, both of which I’ve never seen before.

Jeff Samardzija will make his next start Saturday against the Florida Marlins, as he tries to improve his record to 2-0 since he became a starter.


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