Posted by: Chris | September 10, 2010

Jeff Samardzija Gets The Call…Again

A few days ago, five AAA players were called up to the big leagues by the Chicago Cubs. Among them, 25 year old pitcher Jeff Samardzija. This is Jeff’s second stint with the Cubs this year, and he is now out of options since he first got called up in 2008. Samardzija, who was once a highly touted pitching prospect, has lost alot of his luster with his inconsistentsy between being shuffled from the rotation to the bullpen in both the minors and the bigs. It seems the Cubs just can’t make up their mind with Samardzija, and it may end up costing him his career.

Hopefully both Jeff and the Cubs can figure things out and he can become the star pitcher he was ment to be.

as for the collecting aspect of Jeff Samardzija, Here is my latest pickup from my local card shop:

It’s a 2009 T206 polar bear mini. I’m not sure how many different parallel’s are in this set, but so far I have the base, bronze border, regular mini, piedmont mini, old mill mini, and now the polar bear mini.



  1. Sounds like all you need is the ‘Cycle mini’. I am just one Dawson away from completing this same set – polar bear…

    Great job!

  2. I knew there was one more, I jsut couldnt figure it out, thanks!

    For some reason, Samardzijas T206 and Goodwin cards just seem to slip my mind, when it comes to which ones Im missing. Way to many parallel’s I guess….

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