Posted by: Chris | September 9, 2010

My First Box Of Cards In Almost 6 Months Is….

Well I broke down and bought a box of cards. I couldn’t help myself, I’m weak. But this isn’t any old box of wax. It’s a very sentimental box for me to open. It’s a box of 2004 Topps Opening Day. Why this ridiculous choice for my first wax box in almost half a year you ask? Well the reason is this; These were the cards that got me started in this hobby. I had a few random cards from years before, but never really cared for baseball card collecting until I bought a few packs of 04 Topps Opening Day at my Walmart one day out of sheer boredom. I loved the way the cards looked and it was in those packs that I pulled my first ever Nomar Garciaparra card. I still have it to this day, It sits in a toploader on my Nomar shelf with all my high end Nomar 1/1’s and Autos of his. It’s one of the greatest cards I own, and while It may not be worth very much, It means a hell of a lot to me.

So I have decided to go back and bust a box of my favorite cards ever that got me started in this hobby. I wont find any autographs or game-used cards in this box, but I will find something far more important to me, memories. And that is what this hobby is truly about.



  1. I had a similar experience in the spring when I was working on finishing a 1987 Topps baseball set. I still have the Christmas set box and had traded away some of the stars of the time (Mattingly, Canseco, Clemens, Ryan) and figured I would buy a box just for kicks. The joy of ripping through a 23-year-old box was awesome. I knew those cards inside and out, I knew what the Tim Teufel card, the Tom Foley card, the Bruce Hurst cards all looked like. I could say the names without seeing the name. It was awesome!

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