Posted by: Chris | September 5, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

I got some really nice cards this week that wil help out both my player collections a ton. I made one trade and then 3 very nice ebay purchases steals. Enjoy!

First up, the trade. I made a deal with reader Johan, who is a well-known trader over on the Beckett message boards. He had a couple Cubs relics and wanted to know if I had any interest. I ended up sending him a pile of Ichiro and Albert Pujols base and inserts for them, but it was well worth it:

A Rich Hill relic from 2008 UD Heroes /50. I have alot of Cubs cards from this set, despite never opening a single pack of the stuff. And a Derrek Lee relic from 2008 UD A Piece Of History. I absolutely love ALL the relic designs from this set, there really nice looking, its numbered /180 too. A big hanks to Johan for the trade!

And next up, a few cards off ebay:

A 2007 Donruss EEE card of the Shark numbered /50. I love these cards and they are considered Samardzija’s second best rookie card. I have the base, blue parallel /150 and the red so now I just need the gold parallel /25 to complete that mini-rainbow.

Next up, a card I have been targeting for so long, and finally won for a great price. A 2007 Bowman’s Best Samardzija/Felix Pie dual autograph refractor /199. It took me forever, but I finally completed this mini-rainbow. I have the regular /275, the refractor /199 and the black /25. This is deffinitly one of those “the scan doesn’t do it justice” cards, because these look amazing in person!

And last but not least, yet another Nomar Garciaparra 1/1 to continue my amazing streak of 1/1’s!!

This time it’s a printing plate from his Georgia Tech days! Which makes this my oldest Nomar 1/1. I have boughten exactly 5 Nomar 1/1’s in about a month’s time, and I haven’t paid more then $10 dollars for any of them! Can’t beat that deal!


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