Posted by: Chris | August 15, 2010

Calling All Team Collectors!

Hey guys, In an effort to clear some m0re space in my newly designed man cave, I have decided to try and get rid of some unwanted cards.

I have TONS of base and insert cards of all 30 MLB teams, the years range from 2001-2010, there is no junk wax to be found! Some teams, like the Marlins, Royals, Tigers, and Cubs, have 300-400 cards left, and all the other teams have bout 100-150 cards. So if you are interested in trading me for a team, please shoot me an email at or leave a comment.

As for what I want in return, my main goal in this is to clear space so I’m not looking for an equal return, here is what I would like:

-A game used card of a player I’ve heard of- yes that is correct, If I have heard of the guy and I dont despise him (ie Milton Bradley) then I would probably take it for a team.

-an autograph of a player I’ve heard of-same as above, if I know who he is and I dont hate him, I’ll take him for a team

-anything of the players I collect: Nomar Garciparra, Manny Ramirez, Dan Haren, Roger Maris and Jeff Samardzija- this can be anything from base cards to 1/1’s…If you have a Nomar base card I need then that will get you a team of your choice, same as any other player I mentioned

-Cubs cards-base, inserts I dont care, I am more then willing to swap my unwanted cards of your team for your unwanted Cubs base, again, doesn’t have to be the same number of cards, whatever you want to part with is fine by me.

So if you guys are interested, email me or leave a comment and we can work something out, all 30 teams are currently available! thanks

Also, I just added some new stuff to my trade page at the top of my blog, so take a look at that if your interested in making a slighty “higher end” trade, thanks again guys!



  1. Sending an email about any Rangers.

  2. Sending an email about any Tigers.

  3. I’m interested in the Tribe cards. I’ll email a list.

  4. Email me about the stros. Im sure I have something youll like

  5. Orioles

  6. Ok I have responded to everyone who sent me an email

    cam-im about to send you one so look for that shortly

    william-dude ive got you covered man, Im still working on getting you back for that insane cubs package you sent me! Im slowly gathering orioles to send you

  7. I have a bunch of Cubs I can send for Mets if you like

  8. I can also use Yankees if that’s ok too.

  9. yea that sounds great, I still have plenty of cards from both NY teams, just shoot me an email and we can excahnge address’s as I misplaced yours

  10. dodgers please. email me at gcrlATcomcastDOTnet

  11. I’ll take the Rays. Sure I can find something for you!

  12. CC- sounds good! send me an email if you find something, ive got about 80-100 rays cards for you if you want em!

  13. I’d be interested in the Cubs. I have a couple ideas in mind for you. email is communitygum (at) gmail

  14. Jon, i sent you an email thanks alot

  15. […] trip to Omaha. The first was from Chris at On Card Autos, which was from a response I gave to his team collector request. Basically, he was doing a dump of non-Cubs in exchange for any Cubs in return. While virtually all […]

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