Posted by: Chris | August 14, 2010

Who Says Rehab Is The Only Way To Get Clean?

Hello, my name is Chris, and I have been Wax free for 4 months now.

sure I’ve purchased a few packs of cards, but I have not bought a hobby box or blaster for 4 months, and I plan to stay clean for awhile now.

I just don’t get the same enjoyment out of opening a $100 box of cards and getting $30 dollars in value out of it. Odds are I wont get any cards of the players I collect, so there is just no point. I’d rather save my money and buy singles off ebay.

Now, I will occasionally buy a pack of cards here or there, but only if I need to scratch the itch. Which usually isn’t too bad for me.

So, here is to 4 months of being clean, and many more months to come.



  1. I’m right there with you man! I haven’t bought a single pack since my box of series 2. Trading and buying vintage is the way to go. I just feel better about myself when I find a good card at a great price than I do when I waste money on a pack of nothing! Maybe we could be each other’s sponser!

  2. haha sounds great!

    I actually should’ve specified this in the post, the only packs Ive bought in those 4 months were the packs of 09 topps were I pulled the samardzija auto, and 2 packs of A&G when it first came out, other that I havent even touched bowman, series 2, or anything else that came out!

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