Posted by: Chris | August 12, 2010

The Ragin’ Cajun’ Connection Is No More

Last night, Cubs second baseman Mike Fontenot packed up his stuff and walked a whole 30 feet to the Giants dugout. He was traded for minor league outfielder Evan Crawford last night.

On opening day, former LSU tigers double play partners, Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot started at second base and shortstop for the Cubs. While neither player was a superstar by any means, both were fan favorites and I think almost all Cub fans were hoping for another Sandberg/Dunston duo for years to come. But with Fontenot’s inconsistentsy and Theriot’s terrible defense at shortstop, not to mention the strong play of Starlin Castro, Both Theriot and Fontenot were pushed aside and eventually dealt to different teams

On the bright side, Theriot came out of nowhere to give us a few solid years of above average speed and  contact hitting.

As for Fontenot, I’m just thrilled we were able to obtain a body for Sammy Sosa, let alone someone who was semi-productive.



  1. The Lou Piniella Era is sadly coming to an end. Too bad. I really liked this team over the past four years. M.B. aside, there have been a lot of really great guys on the team. Unfortunately for them, and us, they didn’t win a World Series. It will be interesting to see what happens over the winter. I wish the Cajuns the best of luck. Ted Lilly too, one of my favorites.

  2. yea well when the tribune gave hendry an ulimated payrolll and told him to buy a world seires everyone knew deep down that the window of oppurtunity was only a few short years. We had our chance twice and didnt do it so know we live with the mistakes

    the way I see it, it will be until 2012 at the least when all the bad contracts (minus soriano) expire and we can start fresh, until then we use the farm system and do a mini rebuilding and then sign free agents to fill in the gaps

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