Posted by: Chris | August 1, 2010

Best. Pull. Ever.

So yesterday I went to my card shop to do see what new stuff they had. Most people use the excuse that their going for supplies and not cards, so I figured I’d go for cards this time. (Even though I did leave with some supplies, how ironic)

Anyways the owner, who I’ve known for years, said he was trying to clear some space for the new wax he just ordered and offered me a deal on the last few packs of 2009 Topps Series 1. At a dollar a pack, I figured I was better off blowing my money on last years flagship then spending 5 dollars for a pack of 2010 Allen & Ginter and pulling a bunch of non-baseball cards. Plus their was the incredibly slim chance I could pull a much needed Jeff Samardzija silk card from one of these packs! So, like a fool, I jumped at the offer and started busting them right their in the shop. After opening a few packs, I was becoming discourged at not pulling anything good. Then, I opened a pack and saw that their was an autograph in it, I got really excited becuase I really liked the “career best” auto designs this set offered. So when I finally got to the auto, I couldn’t believe who the player was….

Holy #%&^$ A Jeff Samardzija auto!

I almost passed out when I saw this in my pack of cards!

The shop owner was probably more excited then I was at the time as I don’t recall saying much, I was in shock.

This was the first time I had ever pulled a Samardzija card I needed out of a pack! Mainly because I don’t buy packs very often, but still the odds of me getting an auto in the first place, and then of it being Jeff Samardzija, I probably shouldve gone to buy a lottery ticket afterwards and see how lucky I really was.

This has got to be the greatest pull of my life and I am still in shock. I have it displayed on my desk right now and can’t stop looking at it!



  1. Dude, that is the perfect pull for you. Congrats!

  2. That’s awesome dude. (Where have you been, by the way). I think my best pull was the gold Derek Jeter (with Bush and Mantle) out of a jumbo pack of 2007 Topps. It was at a trade night at the shop and bought one of the packs and told my friend who ran the shop at the time that ‘this will have the Gold Jeter…’ and it did. Woooo.

  3. Gotta love it!! Great pull!!! I love when a random pack yeilds a surprise hit that fits right into your collection.

  4. haha Nice dude!

  5. I wish he would have played football – he could be the Bears starting WR

  6. thanks guys! and William, I have been really busy lately, I got your package man, thanks alot I am working on getting some nice Orioles cards together so I can send you something real nice

  7. Thanks buddy. Thought you forgot me 🙂

  8. Congrats on that pull. That’s awesome!

  9. that’s good karma! i once pulled a garvey auto out of a topps fan favorites box and was pretty stoked!

  10. willaim- no man I got something good coming for you

    thanks ryan!

    and Jim thats a sick pull nice job

  11. That is awesome! I’m sure you were (are) in shock. Not only did you pull a sweet card of a player you collect, but you pulled it out of a $1 pack! What could be better?!

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