Posted by: Chris | July 31, 2010

So Long Fellas!

With the trade deadline occuring earlier today, the Cubs, who were sellers for the first time since 2006, really didn’t do to much to clean house. They traded pitcher Ted Lilly, who was expected to get traded as he was the only player who didnt even either, A) an enourmous contract or B) a full no-trade clause, thanks to our idiot GM Jim Hendry.

So out of all the players we could have traded, Xavier Nady, Jeff Baker, Kosuke Fukudome, the one that really took me by surprise was trading Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers along with Ted Lilly. I mean, sure Theriot was having a terrible year, but I just feel like there were bigger priorities to get rid of then Theriot, especially when the player we recieved was Blake DeWitt.

I am not a fan of DeWitt. I feel like he is just a younger less powerful version of Mike Fontenot, who was just thrown at second base to fill a gap (much like Jeff Baker is for us now!) I guess I could live with DeWitt at second for the remainder of the season, but if he’s our starting second basemen come opening day 2011, I will be one angry guy. Especially when we could’ve traded Theriot for Kelly Johnson yesterday.

So, how did your team do at this year’s trade deadline? Unless your a fan of the Yankees, odds are your team may have done less-then-expected this year.



  1. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said but Theriot has been getting on my nerves more and more. He hasn’t been hitting in the clutch and his play at second has been hard to watch. I looked up his minor league record to see if 2nd was a new position for him and found that he played more than half his games there. Ryne Sandberg he ain’t! I’m a big Lilly fan so I wish him well wherever he ends up.

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