Posted by: Chris | July 25, 2010

Where Do I Get This Card At?

I was reading some old posts over at Wax Heaven last night and came across an interesting post on “gimmick cards” in the hobby. One such gimmick that Mario referred to that I never knew of was Pacific making this card and releasing it to the public:

For those of you that don’t know, its a bat relic with part of a cork in it. Now, I find this hilarious and would love to own this card, which is exactly what Pacific intended when they made this card. Now, the reason this card is such a problem is because Manny has never knowingly corked his bat, so when this card was first released Manny’s agents got all up in arms about this and a brawl started with lawsuits and such.

Does anyone remember this happening?  Iwasn’t in the hobby when this happened so I had to read about it but if anyone can offer their opinoins on the matter I would love to hear it.

I have always been a closet Manny Ramirez fan so naturally this card is pretty high on my want list.



  1. I remember the controversy over this card when it was released and if my memory serves me correctly it was one of many issues that led to Pacific losing their license to manufacturer baseball cards. I’ve never seen the card for sale myself, but my best guess on finding one would be to fill out and save a search on eBay.

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