Posted by: Chris | July 23, 2010

Topps Red Parallels?

While surfing ebay today for new Jeff Samardzija cards, I came across two different auctions, both for a 2010 Topps Jeff Samardzija red parallel /299. I have never seen these cards before and, like most ebay seller’s descriptions, don’t give you much information about the card, so I am left wondering where do these cards come from? Are they something like the Wal-Mart and Target exclusive cards or a new parallel? And also, has anyone seen any other players out their besides Samardzija?

Well whatever they are, you can bet I will be bidding on them!



  1. The red parallels are exclusive to factory sets. You get five red cards per set.

  2. the hell?
    never heard of this at all… maybe home made? does he provide a scan of the back?

  3. I haven’t seen those either, but I guess I should start looking too.

  4. They are from 2010 Complete sets you get 5 of these cards per set.


  6. You can figure out how many fact sets topps made – 299 x 660 / 5 =

  7. Very interesting… Another card I need to hunt for the rainbow. I had never heard of these either… Very cool

  8. thanks for the helps guys

    and same here Troll, being a Samardzija completist its just one more card I will have to add the the collection!

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