Posted by: Chris | July 16, 2010

What A Dissapointment

Last week I made a trade for an Ernie Banks Stadium seat relic card. I had never owned a stadium relic card before and was thrilled to find one of Cubs great, Ernie Banks. So I jumped all over it and made the trade.

It arrive today, and I was uterly dissapointed when I read the card, it said authentic stadium seat from Crosley Field. Crosley Field?!? Last time I checked, the Cubs ballpark’s name was Wrigley Field not Crosley field. After flipping it over and reading the back, the card states it was from the Cincinnati Red’s old ballpark because that’s were Banks did most of his damage.

What a joke. Why would you have a stadium relic on a card of a player who played in Chicago his whole career. Shouldn’t their be a Reds player on this card?

This is why I don’t get excited from this hobby anymore, because Topps keeps pulling stupid stunts like this.

thanks to reader John B. for the trade, I’m still glad I made the trade as it is a nice looking card.



  1. I don’t think anybody wants to know the ‘real’ story behind most of these relics. I sure don’t.

  2. Bummer. That’s total crap.

  3. On the positive side, Wrigley is still here but Crosley, site of the first major league night game, has been gone for 40 years.

  4. jswaykos, ive always thought of that, thats why im always weery about buying/trading for relic cards,especially of old-timers

    hackenbush-very true!

  5. I have been through that emotional roller coaster time and time again with relic cards. Instead of dwelling on it, I just enjoy the card and the player that it honors! It makes the burn go away much faster…

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