Posted by: Chris | July 11, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

Got a few nice packages this week so I thought I’d show them off, I have a huge stack of cards from recent trades that I’m slowly getting scanned and posted here, so enjoy!

First up, I got a package from Drew over at Drew’s Cards. I sent him a stack of Nick Swishers and other random Yankees stuff and in return he sent me this Derrek Lee jersey card from 2010 Upper Deck. This is my first relic card from the infamous 2010 UD series 1, and I must say, it’s not too bad for a card that can’t show logos on it.

Drew also sent me some nice Cubs base cards which is really enjoyed/needed so thanks alot Drew! Also, please visit Drew’s site and vote for the Worst Autograph Ever tourney, the finalists are up and we really need your votes guys! Thanks

Next up, I made a trade with Alan, a reader who had some Cubs stuff he wanted to trade me for some Reds relics and other cards. He sent me the two cards you see above, a Sam Fuld auto from Moments & Milestones, and a Kerry Wood relic from UD Origins

And lastly, he sent me this…….

A beautiful lookng Andrew Dawson bat relic from SP Legendary Cuts. I love this card  and beleive it or not, this is only me second Andre Dawson relic, and my first bat card of his. I really like “The Hawk” and couldn’t have been happier to see him get voted in to the Hall Of Fame this year.

Thanks for the trades guys!



  1. Glad you liked them!

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