Posted by: Chris | July 9, 2010

Pretty Cool For A Football Card

I saw this card on the beckett site today, it’s from Panini’s new Epix football set. I didn’t really read too much about it, but I saw this picture of their rookie signatures and fell in love with the design right away:

A very cool and refreshing twist to the sticker autos, it reminds me of what they did for sweet spot autographed cards, only isntead of signing a bat barrel or glove, they signed these football field stickers which are a really good idea

Now why can’t they do something like this for baseball cards? You can have the players sign a baseball diamond cut out or a scoreboard or something, whatever fits in the card, if they had the players sign baseball diamonds, the card’s can be upright and feautre a picture of the player at the top above the diamond, and the name and other info below the diamond

Any thoughts?



  1. I don’t like the lines. It’s a good idea, to have the field as the sticker, but the lines are giving off a crazy zebra effect.

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