Posted by: Chris | June 22, 2010

How A Simple Sticker Ruins A Baseball Card

While surfing ebay this evening I decided to look up some 2006 UD Epic cards, as I really like the look of this entire set. I came across two autographed cards from the set that looked completely different. I had to double check myself because at first I didn’t believe they were both from the same set, but after making sure, I was correct.

As you will see, this is a prime example of how a sticker autograph can completely destroy a card. Our first example is a nice, clear sticker auto of Cubs legend Ryne Sandberg:

Looks pretty good for a sticker auto right?

Now check out this monstrousity of a Miguel Tejada auto from the exact same set.

They look like completely different products right? The Sandberg looks high-end and nice, while the Tejada looks like junk. That intrusive sticker just kills the entire card and really distracts from the amazing design of the card.

When will these companies learn? you’d think seeing the dramatic difference in these two cards would be a big wake-up call…guess not…



  1. i agree… the tejada is hideous. the sticker auto is completely out of place

  2. But as you say the Sandberg is fine.

  3. well with the sandberg the sticker is hardly noticeable and looks good, with the Tejada, you have this giant obnoxious sticker right smack dab in the middle of the card

  4. I agree, I just think there are a few successful sticker auto cards out there. Those few are the ones where one hardly notices that it is a sticker auto.

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