Posted by: Chris | June 15, 2010

Anyone Interested In This Stuff?

A friend of mine asked me to try and help him sell some baseball-related memorabilia he had so if anyone has any interest in this stuff you can email me and I’ll pass it on to him and go from their. All is for sale only, and he is willing to work on prices. All items are open-ended offers so jsut make a best offer if interested.

Kosuke Fukudome signed road jersey. Authentic MLB Cubs road jersey signed in silver sharpie on the red number 1 on the back. Signed in 2008 by Fukudome himself. (I was their and saw Fukudome sign it so I can vouch for its authenticity.)

2005 Chicago White Sox unused game 7 World Series ticket. Mint condition no creases. Never used game 7 ticket from the Sox historical season.

2005 Chicago White Sox World Series champions official pennant. Mint condition kept in plastic holder no creases. From the Sox historical season.

2009 Chicago Cubs build-a-bear workship limited edition giveaway item. Mint condition no wear.

4 different Chicago Bulls bumper stickers, all different from late 90’s

Mark Reed signed official MLB baseball. Signed in Marker on side panel. Cubs catching prospect. Auto in mint condition

Will Ohman signed official MLB baseball. Signed in marker on side panel. Former Cubs reliever. Auto in mint condition

Ronny Cedeno signed official MLB baseball. Signed in marker on side panel.

Lester Strode signed offical game used MLB baseball. Ball has visible usage from MLB game, signed on side panel in marker by the Cubs bullpen coach.

Ok so if anyone is interested in this stuff, send me an email and I’ll pass it along to my friend. Just make a best offer and he’ll contact you and go from their. He didn’t give me an pictures when he typed these descriptions, but if you want to see a picture let me know in the email and i’ll ask him for a pic. Thanks guys.


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