Posted by: Chris | June 12, 2010

The Year Of The Top Prospects

If you look around the majors, it seems just about every team is calling up their top prospects to help out their team and finally start their careers in the big leagues. Never has their been a year in which so many highly touted minor league players have made their debuts or gotten regular amounts of playing time. With general managers putting such a high price on young, athletic players these days, it seems like when these young guys come up to the big leagues and are asked to strike someone out or get a hit, everyone starts to beleive this guy is the next Albert Pujols.

Now, I’m not saying all these guys, like Buster Posey and Starlin Castro, are going to be complete failures, but I’m jsut saying that with the way people adore these players and how much money they spend on memorabilia and cards, theirs just no way most of these guys can live up to the hype and pressure. Sure they may be solid everyday players, but the way people talk about them it sounds like every team’s top prospect is going to hit 600 home runs or get 4,000 strike outs and be a lock for the hall of fame.

Let’s take a look at which teams have called up their top prospects or which top prospects have gotten starting jobs so far, just to give you guys an idea of what I’m talking about:

Giants- Buster Posey

Brewers- Alcides Escobar

Cubs- Starlin Castro, Andrew Cashner

Reds- Drew Stubbs, Mike Leake

Pirates- Brad Lincoln, Jose Tabata

Astros- Tommy Manzella

Mets- Ike Davis

Braves- Jason Heyward

Nationals- Stephen Starsburg, Drew Storen

Marlins- Mike Stanton

Rangers- Justin Smoak, Neftali Feliz

Indians- Carlos Santana, Michael Brantley

Tigers- Austin Jackson

Yankees-Francisco Cervelli

Orioles- Brian Matusz

I’m sure their are a few more but you get the picture. The point is, while more prospects are called up this year then in years past, and while alot of them will become super stars, not all of them will turn out to be as good as everyone hopes they will.

It will sure be interesting to see who wins rookie of the year… Any predictions?



  1. Rookie of the Year? Hasn’t Strausburg already locked up the MVP and CY Young? RoY is just an afterthought.

  2. I dont know, the way people talk about the great Jason Heyward, It wouldnt surprise me if he finds time to win the Cy Young in his spare time…right after they give him the ROY and MVP

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