Posted by: Chris | June 8, 2010

Joe Morgan Vs. Hawk Harrelson: Whose Worse?

Tonight, the Chicago White Sox are honoring their announcer Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson, by having Hawk Harrelson night. Why am I writing about the South Siders you ask? Because there is no announcer I hate more the “Hawk” Harrelson.

For those of you that have heard Harrelson announce on a regular basis, I’m sure I am not alone in asking this question, “How on earth does this guy still have a job?” Their must be hundreds of people better suited for the job of play-by-play announcing for a major league baseball team, right?

The guy makes me want to throw up everytime I hear is voice. He makes the game so dull and un-exciting, I feel like I’m watching a golf match, which puts me to sleep. When you compare a Cubs game, or any other game for that matter, against a White Sox game, you will undoubtably see that their is  a huge difference in excitment and enthusiasm in announcers. And I say this as an un-baised baseball fan, not a die-hard Cubs fan.

This guy is pure crap. Everytime he does his stupid “you can put it on the board” garbage, I mute the TV immediatly. Don’t forget when he refers to the Sox as “good guys” and the opposing team as “bad gays” On a regular basis.

My worst ever Hawk Harrelson moment was a few years ago, when I was watching a Sox Royals game out of sheer boredom (no Cubs game at the time) The Royals batter hit an inside the park home run and Harrelson didn’t even announce what was going on, he jsut started ranting about the pitchers mistake, he didn’t even bother to announce the fact that the runner had hit an inside the parker, like his job description indicates!

Their are many, many, MANY other moments and reasons as to why I hate Hawk Harrelson, but I don’t feel like typing a paper here so I’ll leave you with what I’ve already wrote. But for those of you who have heard Hawk Harrelson’s, “work” Please feel free to share with those who are lucky enough to have never heard him announce.

Also, Please vote in the poll below, I’m actually curious to find out which announcer is worse, Harrelson’s annoying and dull voice, or Joe Morgan’s meaningless rambling.

It Looks like I’m not the only one who hates Hawk Harrelson, theirs a whole website devoted to how much he sucks! Please check out Heave The Hawk .Com! It’s also a Facebook group!



  1. Agreed.

    My worst Harrelson moment was this year. Since I am out of the Jays viewing region, I have to watch whatever feed I can find online. Earlier this season when the Jays were in Chicago, all I heard the whole game was how lousy Canada and the Jays were.

    Also, you can notice the other guy he works with really sounds embarrassed by Hawk’s comments sometimes.

    Tonight, I watched the Pirates @ Nationals. Bob Costas was like a dream after two months of being brought on the verge of hurling by the likes of Hawk, Michael Kay, Joe Buck/Tim McCarver and Buck Martinez. Sports commentating is atrocious now, and the good guys like Gary Thorne, Jon Miller, Bob Costas and Vin Scully are slowly losing popularity for the “Souvenir City” bullshit crowd.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said. Its true that guys like those are really not getting all the respect and “luster” that they deserve….although Im on the border of Jon Miller being a good guy

    Harrelson’s partener your talking about is Steve Stone. When he was the Cubs announcer along with Chip Carey, the two were absolutely brillian together and I loved it, now that he’s with Harrelson, he’s fighting a losing battle. Next to Bob Brenley, I think Stone is one of the greatest current color anylsts today, he knows so much about the game and I could listen to him for hours.

  3. Yeah I thought it was Steve Stone but I wasn’t too sure while typing, since I remembered him more with the Cubbies. I liked Chip Caray, too, doesn’t he do TBS games now?

    As far as team homers go, though, I do like the Mariners guys and Nashville Predators. Some old guys are fun in the booth.

  4. You can put it on the board yes!!!!!!

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