Posted by: Chris | June 7, 2010

Topps 2020 Inserts…Success Or Failure?

Last year, collectors were up in arms about the card companies returing to their style and design of the 90’s when it came to producing cards in the future. Collectors were sick of over-done, cheap, gimmicks, they wanted cards that remminise of the great cards produced by Fleer and Skybox, all the stuff that made collecting in the 90’s just as bizzare and unexpected as the cards of that decade.

Well, Upper Deck heard us, and introduced two 90’s-like inserts in their 2010 flagship, with the Pure Heat and All World inserts. These die-cut beautys looked just like something that would’ve come out of a pack of cards from 1998, which is just what collectors were asking for. Unfortunetly, due to Upper Deck’s, “dilemma” they will no longer me expanding on what looked like a HUGE step in the right direction for card collecting.

Thankfully, Topps stepped up their game and in Series 2, collectors were treated to 2020 inserts. Futuristic looking holographic cards with bright colors and an interesting and sensational appeal to them. Something we haven’t seen out of a pack of baseball cards in years. I was just able to fully appreciate the awesomeness of these cards today, when I saw one in person at my card shop today. They truly are amazing.

However, one thing collectors who pull these extraordinary cards have been noticing is that these 2020 cards come severely damaged out of the packs. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I like my cards to be in good condition when I open a pack I jsut paid for with my own money.

It seems quality control is yet another thing Topps will have to improve on, they can add it to the list right underneath “better customer service.”

So for those of you who have gotten the chance to experience these amazing 2020 inserts, what do you think of them? Do you think they are a success, ressurecting 90’s-like design and characteristics, or do you think these are a failure, and  Topps should scrap the idea and try somethine else? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

I for one think 2020 is an overall success and I look forward to what we’ll see in Updates and Highlights in a few months…



  1. I like them, I got 3 jumbo boxes of 2010 Series 2 and didnt have a single damaged one, maybe you got a bad pack of something.

    I just hope they don’t do like other cards like them (1970’s kelloggs and 1990s sportflics) and curl up over time…

  2. I actually havent pulled one out of a pack, but the damages to these cards is from what ive heard from other bloggers who pulled them and my card shop owner

  3. I think they’re nice looking and (finally) something different. Though I can’t figure out what the “loop” in the bottom right corner is supposed to be. Are they going to try to put jersey swatches in that space later? (Please someone smack them before they do).

  4. My guess is it is just part of the design…they better not add relics to these cards, that would look awful

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