Posted by: Chris | June 6, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

I’ve been looking for an oportunity to use that song in one of my posts for quite some time now and I felt that this would work just fine.

Don’t you wish you had a pair of shorts like Freddie?

So anyways, the reason I reference Queen’s hit song is because last night I finally won a card on ebay that I’ve been trying to obtain for months now. It was a 2007 Bowman Sterling Jeff Samardzija/Felix Pie Dual auto. I have the black refractor numbered /25, but for some reason, both the regular and refractor versions keep escaping me. I either get outbid at the last second, or am to cheap/smart to pony up enough money to buy one. (they go for about 15 dollars on average.) Well, it turns out last night that I was finally able to knock one of the most challenging Samardzija cards off my wantlist last night. For a great price of $9 dollars shipped, I got it!



  1. congrats nice card

  2. Congrats man, must’ve been Pie that kept the price up. Kidding.

  3. Nice card… not sure if you’re interested, but there’s a nice jersey auto of Pie on for $1.99.

  4. Well, they say good things come to those who wait… Congrats on the victorious eBaying. Getting a steal rocks.

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