Posted by: Chris | June 3, 2010

Nomar Collection In Full Gear!

It’s tough calling yourself a Nomar Garciaparra supercollector with only 2 certified autos of him (although I have over 10 autos of Nomar on non-card related items) Anyways, I had close to $60 dollars left in the Paypal account and with no new Samardzija cards listed in along time, I figured this was an ideal time to add some key cards to my Nomar collection. I picked up two insanely nice autos of him that arrived today,both costing me $20 dollars each and some change, check em out!

2003 SPX autograph and jersey numbered 169/195

2004 sweet spot on-ball autograph

I really like the sweet spot and have been trying to track one down for along time. I desperatley wanted to get the Nomar/Ryne Sandberg dual version, but even the most common ones were to expensive for me so this will do for now, but hey, I’m not complaining! Any Nomar auto is a good Nomar auto for me!



  1. Those are some pretty cool cards, good deal too!

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