Posted by: Chris | June 2, 2010

Anyone Out There Use E-Topps?

First off, I just want to let everyone know that my desktop computer has been fixed and is now useable, which means I can access all of my pictures and scans for posts.

The reason for this post is that I am wondering if anyone out their uses E-Topps and has an account. The reason I ask this is that I am in desperate need of the 2008 Jeff Samardzija e-topps card for my collection. Now, they continually sell these cards on ebay, but in order to own one, you need an e-topps account and stuff, which is something I really don’t want to do for just one card I need.

So if their is anyone out their who uses e-topps and can get me this card either by purchasing it directly off e-topps or on ebay (They sell ridiculously cheap too) I will deffinitly make it worth your time and effort. I can probably pay for shipping costs, as well as trade you something nice from my “for trade” section at the top of my blog, just for your effort. Or, if their is something else you’d like for the card, just let me know and i’ll do my best to get it for you.

If you can do this, either leave a comment or shoot me an email, thanks guys!



  1. Hey, I use it and I can get it for you. I’ll email you with some details.

  2. or you could buy this on its in hand and could be mailed to you

  3. Brookyln, thanks alot I really appreciate it!

    And if the total comes out to be more then the one Mr. Scott found on ebay, then I could buy it from ebay if you’d rather do that, let me know

    Thanks guys!

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