Posted by: Chris | June 1, 2010

Round 3 Vote It Up!

We are now in the sweet 16 of the worst autograph ever tourney. Be sure to vote for the worst autos of each poll and then head over to Drew’s Cards, JD’s Wild Cardz, and Mint Condition and vote in their polls. Thanks guys

Chris Johnson vs. Lorenzo Booker

Nate Davis vs. Anthony “Immature” Dixon



  1. bahahahaha boobie. I feel 12 again.

  2. If Dixon’s auto doesn’t win the whole tourney ill be pissed…the fact that someone signed boobie as their signature just seals the deal as worst auto ever

  3. This is a superb post On Card Autos .
    But I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

  4. boobie, i want to buy that.

  5. I would love to own this card…I also wonder if he signs all his cards ‘boobie’ or if it was just this perticular one, just like the Jsson Jennings ‘JJ’ auto from 02 crusade

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