Posted by: Chris | May 30, 2010

On Card Autos Has Gone Mobile

Just as I was ready to get back into the blogging groove, my computer goes and gets infected by a virus. Because of this problem, I have not been able to log on to the internet or do anything else that I usually do on my desktop.So, I’ve had to dig out the old prehistoric laptop  mobile computer, that’s crushing my lap as I type this. I am not really a laptop kind of guy. Whenever I do use a computer, which is quite frequently, I am on one of the two desktops in our house, or when I’m on the go, use my smart phone/ipod touch  for that kind of stuff.

So for those of you reading this, you are reading the first ever post at On Card Autos to go completely mobile! What an honor!

I was planning on doing a mailday post, but since I cannot access my pictures, I have decided to go ahead and talk about this years Allen & Ginter product, which will hit shelves next month.

If you have been reading the blog lately, you’ll notice that while my pack-buying has severially decreased, I keep aluding to the fact that I cannot wait for 2010 A&G to come out. While I haven’t reserved a box yet on blowout, I  have talked to my local card shop owner, who is also a huge Ginter fan, and he will be doing a case break party at the shop when it arrives, so I have put down a few spots myself for that.

With all the midiocre products coming out lately, and Upper Deck being shut down, I feel like A & G may be the only thing to save both my collecting habits, and thousands of other collectors’ as well.

Has anyone else been gearing up for the Allen & Ginter release? If so, have you reserved a box or plan on doing a case break? I really just hope they don’t snub Jeff Samardzija from the checklist, I really enjoyed his A&G  parallels from 09.



  1. Im a desktop guy too. Laptops are good sometimes but they just dont feel like a computer, they feel like, half assed i guess? haha I dont know. But hope you get that computer fixed up soon, Ive had lots of problems lately with mine, but thank god my friend knows how to take computers apart and rig me a part!
    I know a little about computers too though, what exactly is wrong with yours, maybe I can help!

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