Posted by: Chris | May 29, 2010

Who’s Hiding All The 09 Topps?

Sorry about the lack of posts this whole month. I’ve had no time to blog lately, and when I have had time to blog, I just haven’t been in the mood to write anything. Besides my Nomar and Samardzija collections, I have really had no desire or passion for baseball cards anymore, I’m really just biding my time until 2010 Allen & Ginter comes out and saves us all. Okay, enough talk, post time!

One thing I’ve noticed when searching for Jeff Samardzija cards on ebay is that their is a major shortage of several of his 2009 Topps cards. There have only been two copies of his Topps autograph, both selling for ridiculous amounts, but I haven’t seen another one in over a year now.

Next, although I have one already, there are never any black border parallels /58. Almost 40 of the 2010 black border cards have hit ebay in less then half a year, but only a handful of the 2009 versions have been on ebay.

And finally, the biggest upset to me, the 2009 silk card. Besides the two BINs on ebay, their hasn’t been an auction for a silk card since December. To make matter’s worse, it’s the last piece I need for my 2009 Topps Jeff Samardzija rainbow.

So, my question is, who’s holding out on me? I really could use a few of his 2009 Topps cards right about now…



  1. I totally understand… I am having the same issue with Carl Crawford. I had his ’09 and ’10 silks, lost them and now there are none out there. I don’t check daily, but I have “Crawford silk” and “crawford 1/1” as saved searches and nothing. Sucks. I still don’t have a black from 2009 and haven’t seen one of those either. There are over 50 of them out there, but I have yet to see one.

  2. So its not just me that has lost alot of interest in the hobby, yeah things just arent clicking for me anymore.

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