Posted by: Chris | May 24, 2010

Must. Write. Something.

For those of you that don’t know, it’s been extremely hot around here this past weekend. I’m to lazy to actually find out, but with the humidity I’d guess high 80’s low 90’s. All of our neighbors AC is out, which means our house has become quite popular. But today, our AC went down hard so it’s blazing hot right now in every part of the house. I have had many computer/laptop problems (due to heat most likely) and even had my trusty X-Box fail me today, which was the only thing keeping me sain in this heat.

I’m sweating bullets just sitting here typing, and I’m a pretty skinny guy so that’s hard to do in my case. Ok enough about my whining and complaining about the heat, since this is a baseball card blog, I guess you all expect me to show something baseball card related huh? Well I just picked this sweat card up off ebay last night for $12 dollars shipped:

I love finding autos of the Shark that I don’t have, especially ones like this, numbered /50, that I’ve never seen on ebay before. I am pretty close to owning all of his autographed cards now, and am just missing a select few. I may have a checklist that I’ll post later on showing which ones I still need.

Hopefully I’ll have some meaningful posts for you guys by tomorrow, when our AC is fixed and things start to cool down a little around here.

Anyone else get anything good in the mail this week?



  1. Very Nice Auto Card! I got a great package from the troll today and I just posted it.

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