Posted by: Chris | May 18, 2010

Your Opinion On Check Out My Cards

I’ve contemplated using COMC for quite awhile now. If you remember, about a month ago I wrote a post on the pros and cons of the site and once again, I am considering using the site. They have several cards of Jeff Samardzija that I need for my collection, as well as some pretty cheap Nomar and Dan Haren cards that I’d like to own. Now, the thing that turns me off from the site is their shipping and handling fees. If I do buy all the cards that I’m interested in, the total shipping cost comes out to about $8 dollars. 8 bucks for shipping!?

So for those of you who have used COMC before, please leave a comment and let me know your opinions and thoughts are regarding using it to purchase cards. Thanks for your help.



  1. I love the site. The shipping is WAAAAAY cheaper than what you’d get if you bought those individually on ebay. At COMC, the cards all come from one location in one envelope (padded, of course!). I order cheap relics all the time, and they always come well packaged, never had an issue with damage. So while $8 may seem expensive, it’s not at all when you consider the alternative.

    I have 11 cards in my cart right now, actually, that would cost $5.50 to ship. It doesn’t ACTUALLY cost that much to ship them, but all things considered, that ain’t bad. I usually find 6 to 10 relics at a time and can get them for $20 delivered.

    Bottom line, I guess, is that I highly recommend COMC.

  2. I love the site as well. If you’re paying 11 dollars for shipping, that means you’ve got what, around 25-30 cards you’re interested in? It might just be me, but that doesn’t seem outrageous. If you purchased them all individually on eBay, you’d be looking at around $30 for shipping. In that light, it seems like a steal.

    Not to mention, you can make offers, and be a little more particular about how you spend your money.

  3. I don’t think that you could do better with any of the other sites. Becket Marketplace’s charges are probably worse if you’re dealing with multiple sellers, and I think I can guess the odds of you finding all of the cards that you want with one or two eBay sellers.

    If it helps, view the $8 as a shipping & service charge. The people running do need to make money for sorting, scanning, listing & processing the cards.

  4. To just mail a stack of 20-30 cards, yes, $11 may SEEM high. You have to compare it to the alternative, ebay. Go buy those same 30 cards (if you can find them!) and see how much shipping would be! It’d be pushing $100, probably.

  5. The way I look at it is that you are just adding 25 cents to each card after the first one. Would you still buy the same cards for just a quarter more and free shipping? When I look at it that way it doesen’t hurt as much.

  6. Buy the cards and wait to ship them until they have a shipping sale. You don’t have to pay for shipping until you actually want them shipped.

  7. Ok sounds good guys, Im sold! making offers on cards as we speak

    and Steve, I do like the “ship when you want” feature!

  8. You’re sold, but I thought I’d throw some sense in as well.

    It’s awesome, as long as you can control the shipping costs @ $.25/card. But it’s waayyyy worth it.

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