Posted by: Chris | May 13, 2010

Which Card Can’t You Live Without?

I got to thinking yesterday about my card collection. The one thing I hate about having thousands and thousands of cards (besides having no where to store them) Is that sometimes, cards can get lost in the shuffle and even forgotten about. I usually try not to let this happen by organizing my cards as soon as I get them and keeping everything in its place. But one card that I’ve kinda forgotten about was a card I featured on this blog a few months ago. It is my 1961 Topps Roger Maris card, you remember? The one I got for $20 dollars at a show! Anyways, looking at this card made me think that this card is way more special to me then any other card I own. It means more to me then any Nomar or Samardzija card in my collection. It’s amazing to look at, has a great story behind obtaining it, and the fact that the 1961 season was probably the greatest baseball season of all time, and Roger Maris was the star attraction.

So what card in your collection is most special to you and why?



  1. The 1972 Topps cards of Tommie Agee and Cleon Jones there is something about the Blue JackET Agee is wearing and the Blue sleeves on Jones card that just brings back memories.

  2. My 1957 Topps Brooks Robinson RC. One of the first huge value cards I got. Of course, I haven’t stopped there, adding RCs of Feller, Musial, etc, but the Brooks will always be special. My cherishtizm (inside joke right there).

  3. My dad 1956 Duke Snider card actually survived to become part of my collection. It’s my favorite set of all time, so that makes it a natural must-have.

    1956 Snider

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