Posted by: Chris | May 10, 2010

Old People Do Need Their Sleep You Know…

It was reported today that legendary hitter and future hall of famer Ken Griffey Jr. was unavailable to pinch hit the otherday because he was asleep in the clubhouse during the game…Apparently Griffey has a sleep issue and frequently takes naps during the day. Look, I know he’s old as the hills and WAY past his prime and can’t bat his own weight, but c’mon people, Griffey isn’t 80 years old! If Betty White could stay awake from Saturday Night Live, then the great Ken Griffey Jr. should be able to tough if out for a couple of hours while a BASEBALL GAME is going on, you know, the one he gets paid millions of dollars a year to play?

In other Ken Griffey Jr. related news, due to his lack of offensive production, the Mariners are considering releasing him, which would be a shame considering his great legacy in Seattle.Oh well, that’s what you get for trying to hang on too long, all it does his make your career number’s look worse, and then you embarise yourself by getting released. Come on Griff, retire now while you still have a little dignity left.

I just hope he sticks around long enough for Ken Griffey Jr. Bobblehead night in a couple of weeks…..



  1. This is exactly why they should have never brought him back to begin with. He should have hung it up after last year. He won’t let go, and they won’t release him because of the draw of people that come out to see a guy hitting .208 with no HRs 2 doubles and 5 RBIs. I have a bad feeling he will be here until the end of the season wasting a roster spot.

  2. the worst part of all this is that he’ll probably get voted into the all-star game….AGAIN…even though he doesnt deserve it…

  3. I love the guy, but get outta here. Hes no better than a AA ball player right now. Like Larry said, Griff is just stealin a roster spot.

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