Posted by: Chris | May 9, 2010

From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a mailday and quite a few things have arrived in my mailbox. I’ll start by showing off some of my favorites…

First up we have since ebay purchases. I found out I still had a $25 dollar gift card to ebay that I got from valentines day (hey finally something good came from that holiday!) So I went ahead and bought a couple much-needed Samardzija cards:

I am one step further to completeing this rainbow of his 2008 Bowman Chrome RC. This is the blue chrome parallel and is numbered /99 on the back. Pretty nice and looks alot better in person. I now have the base, chrome, refractor, gold, blue /199 and blue chrome /99.

Next up I got this card from Just Minors numbered /50 on the back. I have the base version of this but have never seen this, nor any other parallels of his Just Minor cards so I don’t know how many their are.

And finally, I bought what I consider to be one of the best Jeff Samardzija cards in my collection…………

A 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition blue refractor auto numbered an 8/15!!! This is my lowest numbered non 1/1 of the Shark and man is this a beauty! I have had this displayed on my desk for over a week now and just cannot stop staring at it.  It is also die-cut by the way.

Next up, a few things on the trade front…

I got this relic of Carlos Zambrano plus another card that I will be featuring later from Mr. Scott, someone I’m sure all of you are familiar with. Thanks again for another great trade Mr. Scott!

And finally, I got this awesome card from reader Chris C. Who I have also traded with several times in the past:

When I first saw these hat logo cards, I really wasn’t that into them, but after getting this Dan Haren card in my hands, my mind completely changed! I don’t know if it’s that sick D-Backs logo or the badass pic of Dan Haren, but this card is really awesome!

Thanks guys! and I have a few more packages to cover soon, as well as another new project that I’ll need help completeing so stay tuned!



  1. I really like that Blue card of Jeff, I love the blue card I have from pelfreys bowman set too, blue just looks good when shiny I guess!

  2. Yea out of all the 08 bowman i have of his, the blue is deffinilty my favorite it really stands out from the others

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