Posted by: Chris | May 3, 2010

Would You Buy Something Like This?

First of all, I’d love to know how this seller managed to obtain, funeral cards of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, but from the looks of his other auctions, I would assume he works in the funeral industry (Is that the professional name for the job?) Second, being a Roger Maris fan, I will admit that I was tempted to buy this because at first it seemed like a pretty cool piece of memorabilia, but then, as I thought about it, I t seemed a little weird to buy something like this. I mean, little pieces of game used clothing are one thing, but a funeral program is a little bit too much for me. I am actually glad I didn’t bid on this item, as I am not sure down the road how I’d feel about owning something like this, does anyone have any thoughts on buying something like this?

Also, I wonder how many of these are left from their funerals, you’d have to imagine Roger and Mickey were popular fellas, so I’m sure a ton of people showed up to their funerals, so I’d image their are quite a few of these out their.



  1. I’m going to go with No. I wouldn’t. If I were there, it would be one thing, but cashing in on someone’s funeral, or death for that matter, is not cool.

  2. I agree with William, not cool.

  3. I wouldnt, I find that weird, I mean I do purchase war thigns and that has alot of i guess if you wanna say “death” around it, but I mean a feunaral card, I just find that akward, youre kinda trying to make money of somebodys death which is very lame

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