Posted by: Chris | May 2, 2010

Someone Please Take Down Joe Morgan’s HOF Plaque

I am absolutely fed up with Joe Morgan and his baseball “wisdom” that he tries to pass down to people who watch him and John Miller, who isn’t any better (I would hate to be a Giants fan.) Morgan is a complete idiot and should just shut up and go play golf in a retirement community  and share his tall-tales with people who can’t remember what they ate for breakfast that morning.

Now, I love to watch baseball any chance I get, so naturally I look forward to Sunday Night baseball games, but I just cannot stand to listen to John Miller and Joe Morgan ramble on about nothing. Miller I can deal with once a week, but Joe Morgan makes Hawk Harrelson look like Vin Scully. Joe never shuts up about his stories about when he played and he turns replays into hour-long discussions. Not to mention the stories he tells are made up about 95% of the time. Why Joe Morgan still has a job is completely behond my comprehention, I guess if you had a successfull major league career, you can do anything you want, no matter how bad you are at it, (That would explain why Keith Hernandez is still allowed to come in contact with current players after all these years)

The point of this little rant is that I just wanted to get across how stupid Joe Morgan makes himself look when he opens up his giant mouth every Sunday, and that he deserves to be fired from ESPN. I wouldn’t be the worst thing if his HOF plaque was removed so guys like Bert Blylevin and Lee Smith can nail their plaques to the wall…You know, the guys who don’t make up crazy stories to make themselves look better and try to make Orel Hershiser jealous? Trust me Orel…If they let guys like Morgan in, it’s just not worth it then…Yea he stole alot of bases, congrats I did that in little league, where’s my plaque?

Look on the bright side everyone…only 2 more years until Joe Morgan and John Miller’s contracts are up! Then Nomar Garciaparra can take over with Orel Hershisera nd actually announce a game instead of useing the game time as a 3 hour excuse to make up stories and reminisce about the “good ‘ol days.”



  1. Joe Morgan is a terrible announcer and wasent even that good when he played.

  2. Exactly thank you!!
    Got your package the other day thanks alot! Glad you enjoyed your card!

  3. I agree 100% about Morgan. He’s a simpleton egotistical lying douche. The only reason that he’s in the Hall is due to the teams he was fortunate enough to find himself on. Despite what Joe thinks, Sandberg is a MUCH better second baseman. Even Reds fans think Morgan is a complete tool!

  4. Thats my biggest issue with Morgan, along with Keith Hernandez for that matter, Whenever they come to Wrigley to announce, Morgan always makes sure to criticize Sandberg before the night is over, he’ll usually slip it in somewhere wereas no one can call him out on it, but its still noticeable

  5. Giants fans may be stuck with Jon Miller, but we also have Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper, so it ends up in the plus column. 🙂

  6. Cant speak about Kuiper, but Krukow is brilliant so I guess it aint so bad afterall!

    Now you guys just have to do away with that girl annoucner at your stadium “now batting…Barryyyyyy Boooonndddssss” I wanted to shoot myself everytime I heard her say that…

  7. I cannot believe I am reading this.

    While I don’t agree with everything that he says, he is easily one of the greatest second basemen of all-time. The numbers don’t lie!!! A player cannot be faulted for playing on a stacked roster – as much as the Reds benefited from him playing on their team, they benefited by having him on theirs…

  8. Yea he was a good player theres no doubt about that one, but im saying that when Joe Morgan starts making idiotic comments like he does every sunday, it makes me, and million of other baseball fans for that matter, lose alot of respect for the man. Whenever he acts so stupidtly It makes me feel like this guy is a complete idiot and he doesnt realize how good he had it being a natural player and after retirement acts like an a-hole, while there were plenty of borderline HOF guys out their who were nice as can be…It just makes me lose respect for someone held at such honor in the game of baseball, and thats not right.

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