Posted by: Chris | May 2, 2010

Anyone Feeling Generous Today?

I don’t normally do this, but if someone out their has some extra dough and would like to help me out in buying either/or of these cards: here and here. Both cards are priced decently, but I just don’t have the funds to go after them right now.If someone out their did buy me one or both, I would certainly make it worth your wild, as in the Ken Griffey Jr. Auto thats been sitting in my for trade section and whatever else you may want from my for trade section. You would get the pick of the lot for either of those two cards, thats how much I want them. And, if their isn’t something you’d like in my for trade section, rest assured I’ve got plenty of trading material lying around here so I’ll find something for you! I will deffinitly double the cost of the two cards in trade value!

The reason I want these cards so badly is because, if anybody has read this blog from the beginning (which is like 2 people..maybe) Then you’ll recall that I mentioned my ultimate dream as a Jeff Samardzija collector is to complete a rainbow of his Bowman rookie card. Well, if I could somehow obtain these 2 cards, I’d only be the Red refracter and Superfractor short of the rainbow. I have the base, refractor, xfractor, Blue refractor and printing plate.


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