Posted by: Chris | April 30, 2010

Is Anyone Else Feeling Like This?

I don’t know about everyone else out their in card collecting land, but I for one am not feeling it this year. With Upper Deck no longer in the picture, it feels like forever in between new releases, and what does come out just doesn’t apeal to me. The one thing I was looking forward to this year in terms of collecting was the SPX shadow box cards inserted into baseball this year. I was all set to purchase sevral boxes to try to pull one because I lvoed the way they look, but now that Upper Deck is gone, that dream was crushed. I haven’t liked any of the products this year by Topps and as a result, I haven’t bought nearly as much flagship as normal, I’ve bought exactly 10 loose packs 1 rack pack, and 2 blasters, which is the least amount of flagship I’ve bought since 2005. I just couldn’t get into Heritage, despite it being one of my favorite old-school sets of all time, and Chicle just puts the nail in the coffin to buying new wax.

So what does this say about the rest of my card collecting habits? Well, I will admit that I am on a slow decline in terms of buying singles and stuff, I have focused solely on my player collections and my Cubs PC, and am trading off everything that doesn’t fall into one of those catagories. And, to some extent, I have gotten pickier with my player collections as well. Instead of trying to buy every single Nomar card I don’t have, I have gotten more selective in my purchases and only buy cards that appeal to me. Now, that’s not to say I won’t take a Nomar card I need in a trade, I’m all for that!

So yes, I guess you can say I am slowly losing interest in the hobby, but I certainly don’t plan on quitting cold turkey anytime soon, as long as they keep producing cards of Jeff Samardzija and Dan Haren, I’ll keep on collecting, and just as Nomar has moved on from the hobby, I’m sure I’ll find a new player to collect when the Shark and Haren leave the game.

My last hope for sparking my interest this season is Allen & Ginter, I loved last year’s product and I’m hoping this year’s will be just as good if not better.



  1. Chris, you took the words out of my mouth in just about every topic. I’m with you on everything except for the loose pack purchases – as all I’ve bought since Christmas has been T206 Blasters and Hockey – UD Champs and 09-10 UD Series 1 ( I finally pulled a Hossa insert to send you!)

    I think almost everyone except the Heritage die-hards feel about the same. Most of the bloggers I follow (which is mostly all of them) feel the same. Some are dabbling in Chicle, but I haven’t read anyone say they’ll pursue the set, and most reviews say one box/pack/blaster is enough.

    We’d better be careful or we’ll drive the price of 2010 Allen & Ginter through the roof.

  2. Thanks Roy, I agree I just cant see Chicle being a hit in the long run, after the new-product hype goes away, chicle will turn into this years version of 09 O-pee-chee.

    Cant wiat for the Hossa too!

  3. I’m with you guys on the Chicle. Ginter can’t get here soon enough as far as I am concerned.

  4. I’m feeling the same apathy towards the available releases, but I doubt I’d be buying any more cards if Upper Deck were still in the game.

    I liked the Topps flagship, I bought very little Heritage because I think it’s a ripoff and I would have bought more Pro Debut if they were available at a better price.

    The pointless (to me) Upper Deck releases we’re not getting would fall right in with Topps Finest and Chicle. Card collecting is getting stale, but it already was when we had two manufacturers.

    I’m waiting patiently for Topps Series II and Ginter. After they come out, there will be minor league team sets, Topps Update and the wait for the 2011 cards.

  5. I think this is a bug going around the industry. You are not the only one.

  6. Paul, Im not saying Upper Deck would’ve made that much of a difference, as far as there products go I hated them just as much as Topps, the only reason i brought them up in this post was because they were supposed to be realeasing shadow box cards in SPX and now thats not gonna happen

    Just like last year it appears A&G will make or break alot of collectors years…Im not sure if thats a good thing, riding the entire collecting season on one product…

  7. I know the feeling, cards kinda suck this year to be honest! I miss UD and Im doing the same thing with my Pelfrey collection, Im probably only going to buy the cards that appeal to me. I am losing alot of interest in this hobby, but Im not ready to drop it just yet. And I am pretty much clearing out all my cards to get Mets only stuff.

  8. Anthony I couldnt agree more, sadly, I think thats the way alot of collectors are going about their cards lately, if it doesnt fit their strict PC needs, then they pass it by, which really isnt how collecting should go, yes you should collect what you like but if you see a card that interests you and you find cool, then you should get it or keep it, not sell it on ebay…but the times have changed for better or worse

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