Posted by: Chris | April 29, 2010

Keep ‘Em Coming!

Ok guys, here’s some eye candy, or in this case, eye barf, of the matchups for the worst autograph tournement. Check these out and then be sure to vote for which one’s are the worst autos of the bunch below in the polls!

Chris Johnson vs. Dee Brown


Keith Rivers vs. Jason Smith


Lorenzo Booker vs. Jered Mayo


Ray Lewis vs, Emilio Bonifacio


Anthony Aldridge vs. Deon Butler


Nate Davis vs. Daric Barton


Jerome Simpson vs.  Clay Buchholz


Anthony (immature) Dixon vs. Laurence Maroney

Alrgiht guys there you have it, start voting it up in the polls below! And also, beneath the polls is all the info for my group break, we will be busting 2006 Upper Deck Epic and their are still plenty of good teams left! The faster we get the spots filled the faster we can get started! Please email me or leave a comment letting me know if you want in, thanks



  1. Thanks dude, very much appreciated

  2. anthony dixon, boobie? whatttT???

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