Posted by: Chris | April 28, 2010

Worst Autograph Ever Tourney!

Well, I volunteered to help Drew over at Drews Cards out on his worst autograph tournement and I got bracket number 3 so be sure to vote for you you think has the worst auto of the two options in each poll. Be sure to vote in EVERY poll, not just one of them. Then, after you vote in all of my polls, be sure to do the same at Drews CardsJD’s Wild Cardz, and Mint Condition. If you would like to see pictures of each contestents atographs, check Drews site for images. Ok so here we go:

Be sure to get your votes in! Thanks guys!



  1. I happen to really like Clay Buchholz’ autograph, and by Jered Mayo do you mean Jerod Mayo, LB, Patriots? Because I like his as well. They are both also pretty good in person signers, too. No way that either one of them belong in the same discussion as Chris Johnson’s scribbled initials.

  2. George, the tournement is to determine the worst possible autos out their based on legibility of the players names, while guys like Buchholz, among others, may have cool-looking autos, they are not legible, and if you visit Drews Cards, you can see the brackets and that the top seeds (like Chris Johnson) are pitted against lower seeds (like Buchholz) and that is why it is done in a bracket style tourney like march madness.

  3. Thanks Chris, any chance you could make it easier and throw up some pictures though? If you can’t no biggie. Good job!

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