Posted by: Chris | April 26, 2010

Who Wants To Join Our Group Break?

Hey guys, I have been meaning to get a group break started for quite some time now and have finally gotten around to it. Me and William over at foul bunt, have teamed up to do a group break of one case of 2006 Upper Deck Epic. For those of you who have never seen epic, please go check it out as the relic and base cards are absolutely stunning and the checklist is insane!

Here’s how this is gonna work for those of you interested in joining. We have 30 teams, we are going by first-come first-serve basis so if you want in please leave a comment or send me an email with your name, email address, and team(s) that you want. We are looking at a cost of about $30 dollars a team, give or take a couple bucks. Here is the product info for 06 UD Epic:

Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 5 packs per box. 3 cards per pack.


* Featuring one low numbered game-used or autographed card in every pack! * Every pack will contain a memorabilia card numbered to 199 or less or a low-numbered autographed card numbered to 45 or less! * Many memorabilia cards contain 3, 4 or 8 swatches per card of legends and current players! One multi-swatch memorabilia card in every box! * Also featuring one of the strongest checklist ever in an Upper Deck product bearing only the greatest legends of the past and brightest current stars! * Very limited 300 card set printed on rainbow mirror board with all cards numbered to 450! * Look for the rare Four-Barrel memorabilia cards that feature game used bat barrels from 4 legends or current stars! * Complete the “Epic Quest”! The first 4 collectors to send in the complete 400 card set will receive all 300 printing plates used to make the set!

Game-Used/Autograph Cards – Combine for 1-hit per pack

* Epic Materials Memorabilia – Varied numbering up to 199 (tiered parallels numbered to 99 and 25) * Epic Pairings Memorabilia – Numbered to 99 * Epic Triple Materials – Numbered to 99 * Epic Foursome Fabrics – Numbered to 50 * Epic Awesome Eight Materials – Numbered to 10 * Epic Swatch – Numbered to 50 * Epic Endorsements – Numbered up to 45 * Epic Materials Signatures – Numbered to 5 * Epic Four Barrel – Varied numbering up to 5

Numbered Box Break – Featuring the top 100 events in the history of baseball…3 hits per box on average!

* Epic Events – Numbered to 675

300-Card regular set – Numbered to 450


After we get a bunch of spots filled, we will go ahead and give everyone exact payment details and then order the case. So the faster you sign up for a spot, the faster we can get this started. I will update the teams list below everytime someone claims a team:





White Sox-



Tigers-William (foul bunt)


Red Sox-Chris (on card autos)

Yankees-Pete (drop third strike)

Orioles-William (foul bunt)


Blue Jays-






Cubs-Chris (on card autos)

Cardinals-Isaac and Tony (Ikes cards)


Reds-Mr. Scott (Mr. Scotts baseball cards)



Mets-Mike (BA benny)

Phillies-Jim (the Phillies room)




If anyone needs any further info or help please email me at or visit William at thanks everyone and good luck!



  1. I’ll go NY Mets please

  2. ok Mike i put you down for the mets

  3. I’m thinking about grabbing the Jays or Rocks or someone else (based on the checklist)…but in my financial state I’d like to hear an estimate of the price per teams.

  4. Roy, its about $30 dollars per team, no more then a few dollars difference/ at the most to cover shipping costs and the one were lookign at on ebay has a best offer so it should be had for alot cheaper so expect to not pay more then $35-37 dollars, it could potentially be less then 30 depending on the deal we get. If you take more then one team we can probably cut you a deal as the shipping costs would be less expensive too so maybe we can knock off about $5 from the total. Let me know what I can put you down for. thanks

  5. I’d love the Tribe but it’s a little too rich for my wallet right now.I would send you some Cubbies for a wrapper though.

  6. Ok, and if you change your mind just let me know and the indians are all yours

  7. Mariners have been caimed.

  8. Who clamied them?

  9. Andy, got it, and should I mark Babe down for the braves?

  10. Since the Yankees are taken already throw me down for the Reds.

  11. Scott, I got ya.

  12. If anyone is interested, the Giants are now available

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